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Metal separation and detection systems

As a trusted representative of Bunting Magnetics Co., the ROMAX team can keep your plastics operation running smoothly and productively. We offer an exceptionally complete line of magnetic metal separation equipment and electronic detector-separators designed to remove all types of metal contaminants from virgin resins, regrind, and recycled plastic material.

Our separators are engineered for easy installation and long, trouble-free service in mechanical, gravity, or pneumatic conveying systems. Bunting® Separation Equipment provides continuous protection with little or no maintenance. You can select from a wide range of options and order construction grades to match your requirements.

You can trap tramp metal even before it reaches your storage silo by installing a Bunting® Pneumatic In-Line Magnet and FS Metal Detector-Separator in the conveying line from your unloading area. Under silos, use a Bunting® HF Drawer Magnet. Drawer Magnets with multiple rows of staggered magnet grates are especially thorough at removing tramp iron. High-energy Rare Earth magnet loads are an option on these and other Bunting® Separators.

To save labor, many Bunting® Magnetic Metal Separators are available in self-cleaning or pneumatic self-cleaning models – and all offer the constant protection of permanent magnetic power. Bunting® Pneumatic In-Line and Center Flow Magnets are ideally suited for use in pneumatic conveying. Our electronic FS Metal Detector rejects both ferrous and nonferrous metal debris in pneumatic lines.

Additional protection is recommended at the infeed of blow molding, extruding, molding and hot runner equipment, in particular. The Bunting® electronic LCS and Quicktron 03R Detector-Separators mounted on the five processing machines sense and separate all common metal contaminants, such as iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, tin, lead, and aluminum. Rearrange metals to suit column width. Fast reject mechanisms minimize the loss of good material.

For protection against metal contamination, Bunting® Grate Magnets can be placed inside supply hoppers, and FF Drawer Magnets can be mounted above feed throat openings. FF Drawers are ruggedly built, offer self-cleaning and many other options, and let operators visually monitor material flow.

The hot runner system is equipped with a Bunting® FF Double-Row Drawer Magnet and a Quicktron 03R Detector that rejects both ferrous and nonferrous fines down to 0.4 mm in diameter to keep gates metal free. The molding machine to its right is set up for Just-In-Time operation and features a Bunting® Torpedo Magnet suspended in the glass sight tube where its Rare Earth cartridge is in direct contact with the material flow.

The extruder uses the double-row FF Drawer Magnet mounted between the hopper and the extruder throat. If overall height is an issue, the Torpedo In-Line Magnet can mounted between the gaylord and the vacuum loader. A Bunting® Plate Housing Magnet can be used for material that is not normally free flowing and would not be captured by the FF Drawer Magnet. It has a very high flow capacity and is available in standard and pneumatically powered self-cleaning models. The LCS Detector provides the all-metal barrier.

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